Assent: The Why Behind 340B Compliance

Assent, the 340B consulting division of Nuvem, helps Covered Entities maintain 340B compliance through consulting, audits and training. Why should CE’s feel the utilization of Assent’s services is necessary? A main reason is that the risk of losing 340B eligibility, if found not compliant, could be extremely costly and hinder your organization from providing sufficient healthcare to your community.

However, there are many other factors that clearly display the value in taking advantage of compliance and consulting services, along with risks of passing on this program:

1. Out of 200 audits conducted in 2020, HRSA reported 121 organizations of having adverse findings, 53 of which had sanctions implemented and 7 were terminated from the 340B program. We provide mock audits that assess your organization’s preparedness for a HRSA audit by conducting an in-depth evaluation of all crucial 340B Program compliance and management elements.

2. Assent’s sole focus is 340B Program integrity – it’s not just an “added” service. We’re committed to providing our clients with 340B Apexus Certified Experts, including former HRSA Program Integrity Auditors, to conduct audits and consulting.

3. Our experts always ensure the elements they review are relevant and up to date. All audits are conducted following the most recent HRSA/OPA Guidelines, analyzing items like written program compliance documentation, claim integrity and other evidence samples.

4. Clients say they’ve seen dramatic return on investments and patient prescription pickup with the guidance of Assent’s 340B and pharmacy experts. Our experts continuously improve both health center-owned pharmacy success and patient outcomes.

5. Implementing a Covered Entity-owned pharmacy can provide significant benefits to your organization, but only with the right oversight and processes. We facilitate pharmacy management by helping them expand return on 340B-purchased medications, alleviate manufacturer concerns, improve access to low-cost medications and more.

6. With the inclusion of Zentro, our Advanced Referral Program, your Covered Entity will witness an average additional savings of $400 for each 340B eligible claim captured, all while maintaining program compliance. This solution marries 340Basics’ innovative technology with our exceptional service, a program clients describe as “the gift that keeps on giving.”

7. Our consultants have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, making them qualified specialists to help your organization oversee its 340B program. If adopted, they integrate with your existing team to review contracts, systems, procedures and policies to ensure you meet and exceed government regulations.

8. Assent offers various consulting packages tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. Whether you need outsourced management services, 340B compliance management or 340B program consulting services, you’ll have the option to choose which package best fits your current requirements.

Assent’s team believes in the 340B program’s mission and intends to allow Covered Entities to stretch scarce, important federal resources – that’s why we do what we do. Get started with us today.


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