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Why Your Organization Needs Them

One of the most important responsibilities of an organization with 340B certification is to remain compliant. Covered entities must protect themselves from regulatory violations by developing applicable processes and procedures to minimize risks.

Assent, the 340B consulting division of Nuvem, focuses on ensuring covered entities maintain 340B compliance through consulting, audits, and training. When your organization adopts this service, experienced and proficient specialists integrate with your existing team to review contracts, systems, procedures and policies, ensuring that you meet and exceed government regulations. These full-scope, valuable services will provide necessary solutions specific to your organization’s compliance concerns.

Why is this so important?

The rate of conducted audits continues to increase annually, and covered entities are subject to audit by manufacturers or HRSA. Failure to comply can make 340B covered entities liable to manufacturers for refunds of discounts or may cause the covered entity to be removed from the 340B Program. In developing policies and procedures to protect against any lapses, a covered entity should understand specific issues that regulators will likely identify.

What We Offer

Outsourced management services: Our wide breadth of offerings consists of almost 10 different services including program coordination, 340B registration, Policy and Procedure, program compliance, program optimization, reporting, inventory, and formulary management, TPA software maintenance and 340B contract management.

340B Compliance Management: Experienced team members offer ongoing management of compliance tasks including CAP-approved processes, frequent review of tricky areas to ensure immediate identification and remedy of problems, centralized management of 340B-related reporting and Policy and Procedures, and autonomous distribution of training and knowledge.

Expert 340B Program consulting services: Assent’s sole focus is program integrity as our professionals conduct annual and bi-annual audits, offer 340B program consulting and assistance, and provide clients with the necessary tools to operate a compliant program.

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