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About Assent

Assent is the 340B consulting division of Nuvem. Assent Consulting focuses on ensuring Covered Entities maintain 340B compliance through, consulting, audits and training. Expert 340B consultants will execute and analyze mock HRSA audits, ensure program compliance, review and prepare policy & procedures, train staff if applicable and provide evaluations of your programs compliance standards.

Assent consulting team  consists of a team with years of experience working in the 340B industry, both with Covered Entities and Pharmacies. The Assent team  works intimately with our clients to ensure they have a full understanding of the program and expectations of participating in it.

Our Mission

Ensure our clients have the knowledge and insight needed to oversee a compliant AND successful 340B program. Assent is staffed with a team that believes in the  mission of the 340B program and intent to allow Covered Entities stretch scarce federal resources..

Our Commitment

We make a commitment to each and every one of our clients, that we provide all possible tools to ensure they realize program compliancy. From a one-time audit to a full compliance oversight management program; each client is afforded the accessibility and education to ensure that their program  remains eligible and compliant.

“I have already told other Covered Entities how easy it was to partner with Assent and how much help they are willing to provide. Assent has gone above our expectations and we are very happy to have all the tools to keep us compliant.”

-Chief Financial Officer, Health Center, Jacksonville, FL

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